Fine, one of a kind handmade jewelry by Courtney Larsen

Custom Design + One of a Kind Pieces

Jewelry is a connection. To a person. To a place. To a time or a feeling. It is personal. Jewelry is the gatherer of moments and keeper of stories. It is witness to the wonderful complexities of life.

Each piece is designed and handmade using traditional metalsmithing practices. Imbued with love, each piece is carved, sanded and set by hand. They are ready to be part of your story and your connection. To a moment in your life. To a loved one. To yourself.

I make pieces you will wear for a lifetime, and beyond.  They will gather memories and stories to be shared and remembered.   And when your story is done, they will live on to gather more and connect with another soul.

Dainty wedding headband
Geometric Bronze and Silver necklace
Turquoise Sunburst Earrings
Geometric Bronze and Silver necklace
Turquoise ring- They call me Spindle
Dainty gold wedding hair accessory
CO 2w
Dainty silver wedding rings
C 1w
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