Artful envelope liner for 5x7 mailing envelope. Envelope liners not only make a statement and elevate the design of your invitation suite, but they actually help protect your invitations from the wear and tear of traveling through the mail!




1. DIY Assembly: If you order DIY Assembly, you will receive the just the digitally printed envelope liners and will need to place and adhere them to your envelopes yourself. Please note, these liners will fit most 5x7 Euro Flap envelopes, but if you are ordering envelopes elsewhere, know that every brand varies shape and size slightly. 


2. Professionally Mounted to Envelope: Choose this option if you'd like your envelope and liner to come completely assembled for you! This is a time and energy saver, and you'll know for certain that your liner fits the envelope perfectly. 


*These are ready-to-order, and are not a semi-custom item. If you are interested in a custom envelope liner for your suite, please send us an email. Add-Ons like the Venue Paintings and Floral Bouquets make for great envelope liners!


***Will be ready to ship out May 9th

Pink Desert Envelope Liner