• Courtney Larsen

Chalkboard Art- BTS of My Process

Curious on what my process is like for making signs? Here's a behind-the-scenes look at all those chalkboards I'm always posting!

I have been working with Zinburger for a few months now updating their Burger of the Week every Monday morning. Because I only have 2 hours start to finish, the process has been such a fun challenge, and has really stretched my creativity and execution skills. Here's what happens each week!


I get to erase the artwork from the previous week. This part is oddly satisfying! There's something cool about not being too "precious" with my work. I can't ever get too attached to any one piece, because I know in 6 days I'll just be erasing it again. It's very freeing!


Next, I start sketching on paper. I never know what the burger will be until I get to the restaurant Monday morning. That means I really have to think quickly and settle on an idea fast! I've been learning to trust my gut and not overthink the design.


Laying out the design on the chalkboard. This usually takes up half the time I'm there. It involves measuring, sketching out in regular white chalk, adjusting any details, and deciding where any illustrations/embellishments will be. I always like to step back from a distance and make sure the design looks good with the existing chalkboard art! Getting some physical space from the design can help me see if anything needs to move up or down, or adjusted in any way.


This phase is definitely the most satisfying, but also usually the most time consuming. This is when I bust out my chalk markers and bring the piece to life with color! This is also the time to make sure any lines or curves are even, make design decisions (like should the letters be completely filled in, or left as an outline). Once everything is filled in and dry, I erase all my chalk guidelines, clean any smudges that might have happened, and tweak colors if I feel the overall piece needs a little boost.


-Sometimes a certain set of colors just doesn't work for that restaurant. For example, pinks and purples never really seem to fit the vibe of Zinburger, so I tend to shy away from those colors.

-Certain fonts may be fun for a piece of art, but not a restaurant! People will be eating here. Part of my job is to make the Burger of the Week look appealing and fun, so that customers will want to order it. So, while I may love crazy fonts that look like melting slime... it's not the best fit for my client!


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