• Courtney Larsen

Coloring- A Mindfulness Practice (and free coloring pages!)

Wow what a weird time in the world right now! I don't know about you, but truly every day is kind of up and down and emotions are a bit of a roller coaster these days. It's because of this that I've been kind of going back to basics and finding a lot of solace in simple activities. And one of those activities is COLORING.

Yeah, I know when we hear the word "Coloring" it reminds of us of something only kids do, and I realize many adults haven't touched a colored pencil in years... BUT coloring is a really amazing mindfulness activity. WHY??? Because it's allows your brain to be singularly focused on one activity, it's a pretty easy task to complete so it is low stress, and when you finish a coloring page, your brain registers it as an accomplishment and you feel productive! Well dang! Seems like we should be doing way more of this, right??

During this quarantine time, I've been fortunate to partner up with the Chandler Vision Gallery to create two free coloring sheets! This was a really cool project, because there are a few ways to interact with this coloring project. Since we're all on our phones a bit more these days, I created a phone friendly coloring design you can color directly on Instagram Stories. Or if you happen to have an iPad or are skilled with digital programs, feel free to color this using whatever method you like best!

I really wanted to do something Arizona and Chandler specific, to highlight the Vision Gallery and to make it feel unique to here. The "Chandler" drawing is my interpretation of the landscape and architecture of the Chandler Museum. And the "Desert at Night" drawing features a saguaro and saguaro blossoms, as well as the Chandler city logo in place of the moon!

Here is the "Chandler" drawing in different phases of coloring, all using the Instagram Stories coloring tools!

And here is the "Desert at Night" coloring page at different stages, again using only Instagram stories to color:

I learned my favorite tools to use on Instagram stories are:

  1. The chisel tip brush! It's more transparent so you can see the outline below as you color, and it gets more opaque as you add more layers.

  2. The "Save" button. I used this to create different "layers" of the drawing, so that I could keep my lines a little smoother and use the erase tool to clean up any overcoloring.

  3. The Eraser tool! Again, if you save your images at different stages of coloring, you can reopen that saved image in Stories and color freely on top without worrying about ruining what you just did. The eraser tool will only erase the newest coloring!

ANNNNNNDDD! If you want to print at home and color analog, here are printable versions of both designs!

Happy coloring! Be sure to tag @visiongalleryaz and @theycallmespindles with your finished creations!