• Courtney Larsen

Desert Coloring Page- March Freebie!

Things are CRAZY right now, and with most of us having A LOT of downtime... I thought now would be a great time for a free coloring page download! ANNNNNND I'd love to see how you end up coloring these!! So post a picture of your finished coloring page on Instagram and tag @theycallmespindles so we can reshare :)

Those of you that have been around for a while know I love me some desert things, particularly saguaro blossoms. They are so different from most flowers, they don't have that same delicate feel. They feel sturdy and resilient, like most things that thrive in the harsh desert. Their petals are kind of waxy and tough, built to withstand the intense Arizona climate, but still incredibly beautiful and strong. The saguaro blossom is a nice reminder for all of us to be sturdy and resilient in harsh times. We are stronger than we think :)

Click the image below to download and print at home. Or show off your digital coloring skills! Either way, be sure to tag @theycallmespindles with your finished work, we can't wait to see your creativity!!!

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