• Courtney Larsen

3 Ways to make Semi-Custom Invitations fit your wedding

Trust me, I know. You only get married once and you want everything to be a perfect image of who you and your fiance are. But, you also know that fully custom invitations may be out of your budget. There's ZERO shame in that. Not everyone has the same budget for their wedding, and that doesn't mean you have to give up your dream of having a wedding that is perfect for you...including your invitations.

So, how can you make Semi-Custom invitations work for you and your wedding?

1. Pick a Semi-Custom that appeals to your eye (and heart). Try not to focus too much on the colors in the suite, but instead on the bones of it. Usually, Semi-Custom invitations come with the ability to edit some or most of the colors inside the suite. Matching the envelope color to your wedding colors makes a HUGE impact and can really transform the whole look!

2. Have an honest conversation with your invitation artist. They're there to help your wedding dreams come true in the way they know how – through your invites! Talk to them about your vision and see if they (or I) can recommend a Semi-Custom suite that fits what you need.

3. Pick one item to splurge on. I've found that two items specifically take an invitation from "Pretty" to "WOW HOLY MOLY THIS IS BEAUTIFUL"... and those two items...? Envelope liners and/or Calligraphy addressing!

Envelope liners have traditionally been used to be an added layer of protection for your invitation in the mailing process, but these days they can really be the star of a suite. It's a super cool way to add a pop of artwork, and this extra touch feels very high end.

Calligraphy addressing is the other item that makes any invitation feel SUPER luxurious! Full Guest + Return address calligraphy still might not be in your budget (calligraphy is admittedly a real splurge), but Partial Calligraphy addressing is a great alternative! Have your Guest addresses written in calligraphy, and then opt to have your return address digitally printed on the envelope. Or choose to DIY that part and make a night out of it with your S.O.!

You can start putting together your dream wedding invitations by checking out our full collection of Semi-Custom Invitations, including ready-to-order envelope liners, here:

Happy wedding planning!!

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