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My Wedding Vendors

Lots of you have asked, and I am happy to share ALL the vendors I used for my own wedding! These people and businesses are total rockstars, and they dealt with my craziness and kooky ideas super well. I would hire them all again in a heartbeat and completely recommend each of them for your next event. Trust me, you will so pleased with the end result, and all of them were incredibly easy to work with. Here we go!

Cami Takes Photos: I cannot say enough about this girl. My sister hired her years ago to take their engagement photos, which of course turned out beautifully, and ever since then I knew that's who I wanted to book for my wedding! She took our engagement photos AND wedding day photos and it was the best decision ever. Our photos turned out magical and captured the day perfectly. My husband vehemently hates taking photos, and truthfully most photos I've seen of him don't really do him justice. But Cami worked some voodoo magic and all our photos are AMAZING. ANDDDDDD they actually look and FEEL like us, which makes them even more special to us. She's a joy to work with, and you'll seriously be laughing the entire time.... which makes for great photos!

Sift Bakehouse: Oh man, the artistic and lovely Katie from Sift worked some serious magic with our desserts. I came to her with some pretty out there ideas, and she brought them to life beautifully! And she totally took my weird bugs and splatter paint ideas and made them look pretty and delicious. We did a wedding cake (almond with buttercream and a layer of funfetti), a grooms cake (chocolate with chocolate buttercream and chocolate candy toppings), a few dozen sugar cookies shaped like butterflies, and some rice krispy treats (the cookies and rice krispies were gone immediately, Austin and I didn't even get a chance to try these hahaha). Everyone commented on how beautiful the desserts were, but ALSO how delicious they were!! And Austin and I were happy someone saved us a plate of cake to take with us that night, it was way too good.

Naked BBQ: Hands down the best choice we could have made for food. The food is crazy delicious (I mean, who doesn't like BBQ?!) and their presentation was great. They provided all the plates and utensils, napkins, the whole thing which made my life sooooo much easier. Our venue was outside in the desert, and it just worked so well! I feel like "wedding food" has a tendency to be boring or stuffy, and our guests really appreciated having food that just tasted GOOD. They have a location in Scottsdale that Austin and I have been to a few times, so it was kind of a no brainer to choose them to cater our wedding. Oren and his team was fantastic, and I was really happy to have them there through the night serving the food instead of having a serve-yourself set up. So many of our guests commented about how great the food was that night, and I've even had people tell me that now, 3 months after the wedding!

Monarch Florals: This girl TOTALLY came through for me when I was in a complete panic. I had dropped the ball on booking a florist, and seriously 3 WEEKS before the wedding I was scrambling and emailing different vendors asking if there was any way in hell they could do our wedding flowers. This happened to be going on right during the Christmas and New Years holidays, so people were understandably unplugged from their phones and emails. But I was totally freaking out, and Kourtney was just calm, cool, and collected! I found her on instagram, loved her work, and thought it would fit nicely with the romantic and undone vibe I was going for. We didn't even have time to have a sit down meeting to pick out specific flowers, I just gave her complete design control and I was so pleased with the final outcome!

Jules Artiste: Jules is so great! I've worked a million weddings with her doing hair and makeup for other brides (in my secret life as a makeup artist.... long story!) and I KNEW she needed to be part of my big day too. She did hair and makeup for my mom and sister and they looked STUNNING! She was the perfect fit, because both my mom and sister don't typically wear much makeup, but they wanted to be a little more glammed up for the day. Jules has such a way of making you feel like a more glamorous version of yourself, while still feeling like YOU. Never "makeupy" or overdone, just soft and beautiful and lovely. It was perfect, and she's just so easy to have around while you're getting ready on the big day. Totally down to earth and never has that diva attitude so many other makeup artists have.

Hair by Kaylee: Kaylee has been doing my hair for a while, and she's got a real talent for working with long hair. Don't blame her for the current short hair, that was my own doing at 10pm in the bathroom one night hahaha! I hired her to do my hair for my bridal shower, mostly so I could feel a little pampered and super confident that my hair looked great that day. I actually went back and forth about doing my own hair for the wedding, I even did a couple practice runs with pretty good results, but at the end of the day I just didn't want the stress! Plus I knew she could give me the volume I was looking for, and that it would STAY all day long for me. BEST DECISION EVER. She did an incredible job, taking my vision of bird's nest hair and keeping it looking pretty! I was in shock at how good my hair looked by the end of the night after 12+ hours and rigorous dancing.

White Locket Films: Another last minute save! Can you tell I was kind of a mess during wedding planning?? Do as I say, not as I do hahahaha! Cami our photographer had highly recommended these guys, and OH MY GOODNESS I'm so glad she did! Our video turned out so beautifully, and they were so easy to have around on the wedding day. They worked seamlessly with our photographer, and our video feels like a perfect snapshot of our day. A million thumbs ups to these guys!

Rock You Entertainment: Jermaine was recommended to me by Matiana with Dang Fine Rentals, and he was an awesome find! He was so responsive, and it was easy to pick the package that worked best for our reception. He even worked with us to finalize the order of events at the reception, and was a great source of knowledge on how to keep the party flowing nicely. Even when there was a slight hiccup in the timing of events that night, he didn't even skip a beat and got everything back on schedule and did a great job getting us back on course!

Deco Ink Designs: Maria is so great, and I've loved her calligraphy and unique signs since we met a while back. I feel lucky that I've found such a great community of friends in the calligraphy and handlettering world, and it was so fun to have her make a sign for us! She made us a lasercut sign of our last name, "Thies" to hang behind the cake at the reception. I love her style, and the sign we had her made was one of the first ideas Austin and I talked about during our wedding planning. It was kind of the centerpoint of our cake display area, and honestly was what we started building the rest of the design around. We loved how it turned out that night, and now we have the sign displayed proudly in our living room :)

They Call Me Spindles: Duh! I did A LOT of the decor myself, from chalkboard signs, to hand painted watercolor cards, to designing and calligraphing my invitations. Having said that, I lucked out with AMAZING parents and family friends that helped setting up the venue and brought everything into reality. They incorporated some pieces we already had, like vintage suitcases, vintage rugs + couches, and other pieces of furniture, which meant we were able to create the look I wanted without using a rental company. I totally would have LOVED to just rent all the decor, but we found it wasn't realistic for our budget so we used what we had. I also was able to find a lot of really unique pieces, like candlestick holders, at Goodwill and various thrift stores. Ikea and Amazon were my other go-to sources, and I was able to get a lot of decorations under budget!

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