• Courtney Larsen

Keeping Your Sanity While Planning Your Wedding- Random Tips

WEDDING SANITY TIP #1- Be picky with who you show photos of your dress to. Iphone photos and poor dressing room lighting never do it justice, so don't go down that road! Random coworkers or acquaintances may have a COMPLETELY different style than you, and might not give you the reaction you'd hope for.... like the painfully fake "Oh... it's so... beautiful..." DO NOT SWEAT IT. Stick to your style and don't let anyone make you second guess yourself! You don't have the time or energy to worry about that! Save the photos for the people who've got your back 100% and KNOW how amazing you will look in whatever you pick.

WEDDING SANITY TIP #2- Email your bridal party and family the color palette for your wedding AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and DON'T overthink it. They will be super grateful for the extra time to find their outfit, and you can relax knowing at least you did your best to make sure everyone dresses on-theme. BONUS TIP--- Be prepared for someone to wear something totally outside your color palette for the day of. You wanted everyone in blush pink and gray, but your cousin shows up in neon green?? Just let it go and maybe ask your photographer to position her behind someone in the group photos :) Count yourself lucky if this is the biggest thing that goes wrong that day!

WEDDING SANITY TIP #3- Do everything on Google Sheets. You will be SOOOO happy with how easily you can share with your stationer when it comes time to address the envelopes, and this means you'll have access to the list anywhere you go. You can share it with your fiance, your parents, your wedding planner... and you can limit their ability to edit if you're worried about any unwanted changes. I consulted my Google docs for EVERYTHING during my planning, and they even have a helpful Wedding Template that I ended up using for budgeting and planning.

WEDDING SANITY TIP #4- Something will go wrong. It just will. I don't care how well you've planned the whole day, inevitably something will go awry so be prepared to LET IT GO. Seriously, the most important thing that day is that the two of you get married and celebrate your love. The rest is just fluff! Really really fun fluff :)