• Courtney Larsen

Planning the Wedding You Actually WANT

One of the biggest challenges in planning your wedding is finding the right balance of what your wedding is "supposed" to be, versus what you actually WANT it to be.

Let me tell you a secret.... You and your fiance get to CHOOSE what your day looks like!

I know, I know... you probably have ideas flying at you from every direction. Parents, sisters, best friends, random coworkers, you name it! EVERYONE seems to have an opinion on what you "should" do for your wedding, and it can be super overwhelming to try to process and incorporate all these ideas.

Do yourselves a favor, and stop planning your wedding by things you "should" do. Here are some ideas to help you avoid the pressure of planning.

1. Make a Mission Statement. Ok, that might sound really silly, but deciding your "wedding mission" will help inform ALL of the decisions you make in the planning process. Figure out together how you want the day to FEEL for you. Do you love formal weddings and all of the traditions? Do you want it to feel like you're just hanging out with close friends? Decide what kind of experience you want to have that day, and let all your decisions work toward that goal.

2. Incorporate details that highlight what makes you special as a Couple. Did you guys bond over your mutual Game of Thrones obsession? Are you both really colorful and loud? Are you both super into Halloween? Put those details in your wedding! I mean, you don't have to go over the top... but have some fun with it! Remember this day is about you guys, and everyone loves to attend a party that is unique and feels like the couple they are there to celebrate.

3. Let go of any traditions you don't absolutely LOVE. We've all been to a wedding that follows EVERY wedding tradition in the books. Honestly, a lot of them are outdated, and you AND your guests will be happy to omit them from the day. Intentionally choosing ideas and events that fit your personality will feel super fresh and memorable for everyone. For my wedding, we chose to get rid of a lot of the traditions because we weren't comfortable with them, or were kind of over it. We skipped out on having a Receiving line and definitely left out the Bouquet or Garter tosses. I can only speak for myself and my friends, but we're not into being put on display as "not-married" while the DJ plays "Single Ladies" hahahaha I just couldn't do that to my friends!

4. Get creative with your day. I mean it. The day is truly about the love and commitment you have for each other, and the rest is all bonus. So have fun with it! Sometimes that means bucking tradition entirely and planning your reception for the following year. Maybe you've always wanted to do a 3 day stay-cation with your closest friends and family instead of a reception. Or you want your wedding invitations to be neon pink and filled with confetti! Don't buy into the idea that what you want isn't "wedding" enough.

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