• Courtney Larsen

Luxury Wedding Invites on a Budget

Ok let's talk about Wedding Invites..... You've probably seen and drooled over all the swoon-worthy, elaborate wedding invitations on Pinterest. Handmade paper, watercolor details, hand calligraphy on every invite, wax seals, multiple envelopes, letterpress, double thick card, gold foil, a thousand inserts with unique designs on each card. Yup, I'm with you!

Seeing what is possible for wedding invitations is SUPER inspiring, but it can also seem discouraging when you realize what it costs. Wait... gold foil is how much??!

I get it. Which is why I want to share my tips and tricks for making your invitations SEEM super luxurious without spending a luxurious amount of money. I'm talkin getting the most bang for your buck, and investing in the details that really make an impact. Let's dive in!

1. Calligraphy Guest Address. Calligraphy is the BEST way to make your invites FEEL expensive and luxe. And a great way to cut costs with calligraphy is to only have the Guest Address written. You can order your envelopes with your return address already printed on the back flap, OR you can get a stamp made and DIY this part. Plus, having someone else address your envelopes is a serious lifesaver for your stress level! It will potentially save you hours of work, and you'll definitely be happy with the finished product.

Visit our Calligraphy page for more details about this service.

2. Choose a Colored Envelope. Please, Please, PLEASE ditch the boring white envelope and go for some color. A blush pink envelope will definitely stand out in the mailbox, and will immediately get your guests excited about your big day. Bonus points for picking an envelope with a little glitter or shine to it!

3. Hand-painted Watercolor Detail. Ask your stationer to use a light watercolor wash to coordinate with your wedding colors. Or if you're up for an art project, you can do it yourself! Keep it simple and modern, add a single brush stroke of watercolor to your Invite, RSVP, or Details card. It will make each card feel special, and your guests will definitely notice! Just be sure your invite is printed on a matte cotton paper so the watercolor will adhere. Watercolor will wipe right off a glossy paper!

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4. DIY Wax Seals. Ok, Ok , this one is a bit time consuming, but OH MY GOODNESS does it shout "Fancy!" There are lots of pretty Wax Stamps you can buy online, and nowadays they have wax that fits inside a glue gun. This is DIY heaven if you are into crafts, and it's easy to knock this project out while watching TV. Or you can skip the DIY and order pre-made wax seal, like this pretty Eucalyptus leaf:

5. DIY Envelope Liner. Mmmmmm envelope liners :) An amazing touch to any invite, and reasonably simple to make yourself. You can find and print envelope liner templates online, and use a graphic scrapbook paper, or go the extra mile and print your own design. Take a glue stick to the top of your envelope liner, making sure the liner is not all the way to the bottom of the envelope (it will cause buckling when you try to fold the envelope if the liner is too far down), and press down on the glue for a few moments while it dries. Again, a great project to do while binge watching your show, or invite your friends over and make it an event!

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