• Courtney Larsen

Making Sure Your Invites Arrive- A Guide to Post Office Standards and Wedding Invitations

Oh man, this is a HUGE topic that no one is talking about in the wedding planning conversation. How do we get those beautiful wedding invitations you spent a good portion of your wedding budget on to arrive SAFELY and ON-TIME to our guests??

I unfortunately had to learn the hard way with my own Bridal Shower invitations that sometimes those special details you paid extra for are causing major problems in the post office.

I went ALL OUT with the details, paid for rush printing to meet my timeline, and then was DEVASTATED when about a third of my guests had not received their invites just 2 weeks before the shower, and those that did arrive on time were completely tattered and destroyed. NOT the impression I was hoping to make!

So I've put together a FREE guide to help you avoid this same tragedy! I seriously wish I would have known about these tricks and insights before I sent out my invitations. It would have saved me SOOOO much stress and headache.

Please do yourself a favor, and download this. Whether you're getting married yourself, have a friend who's getting married, or simply want to know the ways to make sure your mail gets delivered in tact and ON TIME--- this guide covers everything you need to know.

BRIDES: Read this before you even talk to your stationer or order invitations online. Trust me, your sanity and your budget will be glad you did!

Visit my "Free Guide" to easily sign up and download your guide instantly. And for those of you wary of joining yet another email list.... I feel ya! That's why I never overload your inbox, and I'm trying my best to provide helpful content you can actually USE.

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