• Courtney Larsen

Spindles Wedding- My Style Inspirations

Some of you know... I GOT MARRIED THIS YEAR! Oh my goodness, it felt so surreal and I did my best to not go over the top will all the DIY details I wanted to make. The highest compliment I got the day of my wedding was from a friend that told me it looked like a "Courtney" wedding. I was so ecstatic, because I poured my heart and soul into making it feel special and feel like "me".

1. My Wedding Suit. I took inspiration from the beautiful and ultra-cool Bianca Jagger, who wore a wedding skirt suite and FABULOUS hat. The hat wasn't *quite* me, so I kept it simple. I found this great white suit combo from BCBG, found the pink shirt at H&M, and the white felt iron-on letters at Michael's (the iron on letters were SO easy to work with, it made for a fun craft night).

2. My Hair. I'm mildly obsessed with the show Nashville, and definitely obsessed with Scarlett's hair when it's giant and messy. I seriously told my hairdresser that I wanted it to be kind of "bird's nesty" and definitely undone. And I think she killed it! So much frizz, and yes... it did take me like 20 minutes to brush my hair out after this night :)

3. My Custom Faux-Leather Jacket. I've been seeing these super rad leather jackets a bit on instagram and pinterest, and I knew from day 1 that I needed to make one. I LOVE the concept of making your wedding just a little more edgy, and so this idea really resonated with me. Originally I wanted to make a super detailed, extremely elaborate painting on the back, but as the day got closer there were just too many other details to worry about. So I opted for a minimalist design, and truthfully ended up loving it more than my original concept!

Inspired by the great @Bash Calligraphy (you can even buy a DIY kit from her if you want your own!):

And I couldn't resist making one for my NEW daughter (can't believe I'm a step mama now!!):

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